2018 The 12th China (Dongguan) International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film And Optical Film Exhibition

Since its establishment in 2007, China (Dongguan) international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition (CAPE) has become the market guide and vane of high performance film, die-cutting, adhesive tape, protective film and optical film in South China, and also the first choice for manufacturers to release new products and image publicity. Is a professional high-performance film, adhesive tape, processing equipment and related materials as the core exhibition. In addition to attracting die-cutting processing, film production and photoelectric display manufacturers from the industry, relying on the geographical advantages of mobile phone industry cluster and seamless docking in the production base, the international high-performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition gathered more from touch screen, mobile phone, consumer electronics, photoelectric display, electronic manufacturing services, automobile, medical Professional buyers of downstream application fields such as therapy and new energy stopped to visit.

The organizer will also provide on-site business matching services for exhibitors of film, adhesive tape, processing equipment and related materials. More than 100 brands and more than 500 new products were gathered at the last exhibition site, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters. The exhibition area is planned to be 30000 square meters, 800 international standard booths are set, and more than 320 domestic and foreign brand exhibitors are expected to gather. The grand scale lineup and international influence will be the most in the past!

Exhibition Scope 

Adhesive tape: all kinds of adhesive tape for various film, paper, cloth, foil, foam and other base materials.

Protective film: PE, pet, OPP and other process protective films; anti scratch, explosion-proof, anti glare, anti voyeurism and other functional protective films; optical grade release film / release paper & coated paper and other auxiliary & base materials.

Optical film: brightening film, diffusion film, reflection film, polarized film, brightening composite film, light conducting film and other optical films for backlight / display; optical protective film, hardening film / anti scratch film / anti camera film / explosion-proof film / anti glare film, ITO film, OCA optical glue and other touch screen / display films.

Functional film (industrial): BOPET, PET / CPP film, release base material film, adhesive tape base film, IMD decorative film, graphite heat conduction, heat insulation / automobile film (film), window film, reflective film, highlight film, insulating film, antistatic film, etc.

Precision coating and processing: precision coating machinery, slitting machine, slitting machine, coiler, laminating machine, automatic cutting table, cutting machine / die-cutting machine, laminating equipment, coiling equipment.

Film forming: blowing film production line, film extrusion line, casting film machine, drawing machine, winding film machine.

Detection and accessories: film online defect detection, coating online thickness measurement equipment, UV curing device, coating drying equipment, corona machine equipment / optical film dust removal treatment, tension control / deviation correction controller device, blade, filter device, coating rubber roller, electrostatic eliminator, ion fan, clutch, coating machine waste gas treatment equipment, etc.

Raw materials and chemical products: raw materials and chemical products for production of functional film and adhesive tape, including adhesive, release agent, resin, organic silica gel, protective film glue, film coating, masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, auxiliary agent, ink, etc.

Post time: Apr-17-2020