Full Touch Display Of OLED Packaging Technology

2017 Shanghai International touch and display exhibition will be held in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall from April 25 to 27.

The exhibition brings together enterprises from touch screen, display panel, mobile phone manufacturing, audio-visual equipment, electronic scheme design, etc. OLED, the new darling of the display industry, will undoubtedly remain the focus of this exhibition.

 OLED is very suitable for flexible screens, such as smart phones, tablets and TV screens. Compared with traditional displays, OLED has more vivid color performance and high contrast.


However, one of the key problems of OLED technology is its vulnerability to the environment. Therefore, sensitive materials must be packaged with the highest precision to isolate oxygen and moisture. In particular, the application requirements of OLED in 3D curved surface and folding mobile phones in the future pose new challenges to the packaging technology, some need tape packaging, some need to add additional barrier film bonding, etc. As a result, Desa has developed a series of barrier tapes that can encapsulate the entire surface of OLED materials, isolate moisture and provide long-lasting sealing effect.

 In addition to the products TESA? 615xx and 6156x packaged by OLED, Desa provides more solutions for OLED.


 ① OLED package, composite barrier film and barrier tape

 ·Moisture barrier in XY direction

 ·Tape can provide a variety of water vapor barrier grades

 ① + ② lamination of film and OLED, such as barrier film, touch sensor and covering film

 ·High transparency and low haze

 ·Excellent adhesion on various materials

 ·PSA and UV curing tape

 ·Anti corrosion or UV barrier tape

 ② Use optical transparent tape to fit touch sensor and covering film

 ·Water oxygen barrier OCA tape

 ·Tape with low dielectric coefficient

 ③ Adhesion of film on the back of OLED, such as sensor or flexible backplane

 ·Anti corrosion tape

 ·All kinds of compression and rebound rate tapes for cushioning and shock absorption

 ·Tape with low dielectric coefficient

Post time: Apr-17-2020